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Firstly, welcome to my little online space of magic where you can find a few of the photos I have shot, and a little bit of insight into who I am as a person.

I realize a lot of photographers shoot with people because ‘that’s what makes money’, but my motivation is entirely different. There’s nothing like the feeling of watching someone transform in front of a lens.. Watching them turn from a timid, everyday guy/gal with a moderate amount of confidence into this amazing creature that comes alive in front of your camera. They ooze confidence, they laugh and they smile, they make jokes and pull stupid faces. But in the end, when I show them the photos that we have made, most of them are speechless.

This is the moment I do photography for.

It honestly took me so long to find out who I was behind a camera, and what my style was. I wanted to portray the beauty I see into all of my photos for everyone else to see, and now that I feel I have reached that goal.. ugh. Best feeling ever.

Be warned, when shooting with me you aren’t going to have a ‘run of the mill’ photoshoot with static poses and ‘nice’ jokes. I’m a bit crude, a self confessed comedian, and I end up in some pretty ridiculous poses just to get the right shot. But hey, who wants to spend 2 or 3 hours with someone who bores them out of their brain? (please note, as a client, you are also required to participate in laughing at my ridiculous jokes)

I guess you could say I offer the ‘full package’ when it comes to photoshoots.. I do most of the makeup and hair in my shoots, and I perform all of the post production work. I will not be offended if you would like to hire a professional makeup artist or stylist, so please don’t feel weird about requesting it.

I am also happy to travel where ever you would like me to shoot you (interstate/international), all I ask is that you pay my way and I’m there!

Anywhoo, thanks for reading my mini biography and keep on scrollin’ for some prices and shit!


Aah, the nitty gritty of the business. Below I have a couple of packages that you can choose from, but ALL of them can be customized to suit you, so please contact me if you wish to customize a package.

Beauty | Fashion– All sessions run for around 2-3 hours and include hair and makeup in the pricing. You will receive 15-30 hi res images via your choice of USB or disk, and will be sent out to you within 4 weeks. Beauty shots will include 2-3 looks, depending on complexity and fashion will have 3-4outfit changes. $250.

Intimate– This package can either be a solo or duo with you and your partner. Package includes hair and makeup and usually lasts for around 2 hours. When possible, I prefer to shoot you in your natural environment to ensure you feel as comfortable as possible however, it is not an issue to use an alternative location. You will receive 20-30 hi res images via your choice of USB or disk, and will be sent out to you within 4 weeks. $300.

Please note- INTIMATE does not always mean NAKED. You don’t have to get nude if you don’t want to- this is all about you, and you need to feel comfortable for the desired effect on camera.

Weddings– I am happy to shoot your wedding wherever it may be, so enquire about your destination wedding- I would love to do it! Full day packages start at $2200 for 10 hours.

Included in a full day package-

Starting from the moment you wake up (probably a little bit after this actually, because I’m not going to sit in your room and watch you sleep) and right through until you are all slightly intoxicated at your reception.

I will capture a whole buttload of images on your day, and you will end up with somewhere between 400-1000 photos depending on the size of your wedding.

A small print package is included in the pricing and usually consists of 50-100 varying sizes of prints.

There is no extra cost for my travel if it is within 100km of Brisbane, however if I am required to travel further than this, I ask for a small percentage of my costs be covered for accommodation/flight etc.

If you require me for longer than 10 hours, I am available at $100 per hour (and also never ending supply of coffee on the day :P)

Please contact me about print packages- these can include a varying size of prints, framed prints, flush mount wedding albums and photobooks.


E: hello@inkstainphotography.com
P: 0418 463 234
FB: http://www.facebook.com/Inkstainphotography

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